Combo Wifi Solution

S-services offers integrated wifi solution applying digital technology, optimization and business improvement for customers.

integrated service

WiFi Plus

Connect wifi no password

Advertising banner on welcome page (products/services/



Timekeeping on wifi

Manage on Cloud, data extraction

Internal communications

Account Decentralization

For multiple branches/locations/employees

IP Camera

Easy and fast security monitoring

Unlimited remote camera management of any location

SMS, Email Marketing

Send information about product/ service to users

Mac Filter

Identify target audience

Apportion bandwidth, usage time

Fill Form

Fill information on demands

Send information to emplyees/ managers


Satisfaction survey and customer’s evaluation when check out WiFi


Distinguish VIP and regular guests, bandwidth more than 10 times for VIP

Counting practicing time and calories burned


  • Direct broadcast at the venue

  • Advertising to new customers

  • Stimulate customer demand

Customer care effectively

Ensure customer satisfaction